Ajithsingh Nagar - MSFS Visakhapatnam

Diocese of Vijayawada
MSFS Study House Janampet Andhra Pradesh


Deriving inspiration from our MSFS charism we are committed to the renewal of Christian life and evangelization through Salesian values of gentleness, constant availability and charity


Constant visitation to catering to the physical, spiritual and psychological needs of the people.

A Short Brief About Ajithsingh Nagar Parish Ministry

Ajithsinghnagar is located within the Vijayawada city; it is 5 kms away from the Vijayawada Railway Station. This mission was entrusted to MSFS in the year 1980, Rev. Fr. Devasia Aylakunnel was the first MSFS pioneering Parish priest. It has the catholic population of 2800 members, 350 catholic families and 3 sub stations Namely Paykapuram, Santhinagar, Vambeycolani. There is one catechists working actively. Rev. Fr. Joseph Karachira, Rev. Fr. Thomas Vazhayil, Rev. Fr. M. Anand Prasad etc. worked in the Parish and at present Rev. Fr. GanjiBalajoji Reddy is the Parish Priest.

Some Details About The Centre

  • Apostolates at the Centre - Parish Ministry
  • Number of confreres at present - One Priest
  • People benefitting from it are mostly - Middle class and lower middle class.
  • Infrastructure - Insufficient – Church and Presbyter
  • Financial Status - Self-sufficient
  • Religious Congregations nearby - St. Anne’s of Luzern, St. Anne’s of Phirangipuram
  • Suggestions and Comments for its Future -Construct the Church and the Presbytery as soon as possible Services like Computer training, tuitions for children etc. could be taken up.