Ballepalli Khammam - MSFS Visakhapatnam

Diocese of Khammam
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We vision the development of this particular mission by leaps and bounds through the instrumentality of each member of M.S.F.S. community. Helping the people to live their lives in more decent and human ways by giving them the best education possible through the use of latest trends in acquiring the knowledge and wisdom to which we adopt ourselves for the welfare of our community and the people whom we serve. While actively getting involved in spiritual activities through personal and community prayers, preaching ministry, Sacraments and through the various pious spiritual exercises, we also remain concerned about eradication of social, psychological and inhuman evils like poverty, various sicknesses, slavery, intolerance, injustice and etc. Thus we play our vital role in the development of the mystical body of Christ as the Missionaries of St. Francis De Sales after the examples of our Founder Fr. Peter Mary Mermier and St. Francis De Sales Patron of the Congregation.


Being the M.S.F.S,we are actively involved in bearing witness to Christ through the various apostolates of the Universal Church. We are promoting continuously the intellectual development to facilitate the brightest future of children to live their full pledged and happy lives as God’s Children. We are dedicating our maximum time in administering the sacraments and organizing various spiritual programs to renew and strengthen the faith of the faithful in the parish.

A Short Brief About Ballepalli Khammam Parish Ministry

Khammam mission, Arogyamatha church, was started in the year 1994, June by Rev. Fr. Mathew Mundamattam as its first MSFS priest. In the beginning this mission station was maintained by the diocese of Khammam with its priests. When it was entrusted there was no school and parish church, later SFS high school and Arogyamatha church was built. It has population of 3000 Catholics, 600 catholic families and 8 sub stations. There are 9 catechists working actively. Rev. Frs. Mathew Mundamattam, Thomas Perumalil, Arockiam, J. Ravi Kumar, Mathew Mannukuzhumplil etc, have worked hard for the development of the school. At present, Fr. Allam prathap Reddy, Ratna Swamy, and Fr. Arockiasamy are continuing the mission at ballepalli. SFS English medium high school was opened for the local children. There are 1620 pupils, 49 teaching staff. MSMI sisters are collaborating in the school and parish work.

Some Details About The Centre

  • Apostolates at the Centre - Parish Ministry and Education
  • Number of confreres at present - Three Priests
  • People benefitting from it are mostly - Labourers, poor and lower middle class.
  • Infrastructure - Sufficient
  • Financial Status - Self-sufficient
  • Religious Congregations nearby - Missionary Sisters of Mary Immaculate (MSMI) (On Contract between FCC and MSFS Provincials)
  • Suggestions and Comments for its Future - Start English Coaching and Computer Coaching. Extension of the Khanapuram Church. Compound wall for the burial ground. A piece of land has to be bought on the south of the parish church.