Chinna Waltair - MSFS Visakhapatnam

Diocese of Visakhapatnam
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Locked Steel Gate


Daily house visits, Praying with the family members, Counselling etc. could be promoted. Greater attention can be given to the catechism children, youth, the sick and senior citizens. English and Telugu Masses could be celebrated in the morning and evening.


Liturgical and renewal progammes are planned and conducted with utmost care. Regular house visits, prayer meeting in houses and in groups, hospital visits with food packets for the patients of KGH, visits to the different homes for the handicapped and the aged are carried out regularly. A Lay Missionaries of the Charity Association, youth group, Alter Boys Association and the Parish Council are at work in the parish.

A Short Brief About Chinna Waltair Parish

As early as 1850 Bishop T.S. Neyret bought a small site of 1045 Sq. yards at ChinnaWaltair and a small Chapel was built for the Tamil Catholic Community residing there.It was regularly visited by priests from Fort where the Bishop’s House was. This chapel was used as a place of worship till 1939. By that time the number of Catholics went down at ChinnaWaltair, and so the Catholic Community there, was attached to St. Antony’s Church atMaharanipeta. And the Church at ChinnaWaltair was rented out to the Municipality for conducting a school.

In 1960 the Salesianum Novitiate came up at Chinna Waltair and in 1966 Stella Maris, the Provincial House also was started there. Thus the Catholics of Chinna Waltair got these two places to fulfill their religious obligations.

In 1980 the diocese got back the rented Church, and after demolishing it, a new Church was built in the place of the old one. It was erected as a parish in 1980, the last one erected by Bishop Ignatius Gopu. Although Missionaries of St. Francis de sales were in Visakhapatnam from 1846, Only in 1980 a Parish was dedicated to the Patron Saint of their Congregation. That is St. Francis de Sales Parish at ChinnaWaltair. On completion, the new Church was blessed by Bishop K. Mariadas, Fr. K. E. Zacharias, Karottupara(1983-’85)was the first Parish Priest. Thereafter, Fr. Philip Souriamkuzhy, Fr. James Nedungatt, Fr. Mathew Kudakachira, Fr. GeogeKottam, Fr. Mallela Joji, Fr. Mathew Manayathumari etc. worked for the development of the Parish. At present Fr. Antony Antheenatt is the Parish Priest.

Some Details About The Parish

  • Apostolates at the Centre - Parish Ministry
  • Number of confreres at present - One Priest (+One part-time Assistant Priest)
  • People benefitting from the center - 20% are upper and lower middle class, 60% of them are poor people. There is considerable number of floating population from different language groups.
  • Infrastructure - Insufficient at present. New Church must be built as early as possible.
  • Financial Status - Self-sufficient
  • Financial Status - Self-sufficient
  • Religious Congregations nearby - St. Anns Luzern and Sisters of Charity of St. Ann (No contracts)
  • Remarks - Religious Sisters render some voluntary service to the Parish but no commitment/contract. Poor people from the Parish need immediate consideration. Tuition to the poor children.
  • Suggestions and comments for its future - There is need to strengthen the Youth Groups and pious associations. Construction of the New Church and the Parish Hall.