Garla - MSFS Visakhapatnam

Diocese of Khammam
MSFS Study House Janampet Andhra Pradesh


Still there is a lot of need for faith renewal in the parish through retreats with the help of the province. People are daily labourers and need our assistance in the field of health, education and economic upliftment. The substation chapels are badly in need of repairs and some of them have to be reconstructed. The parish has to be made self-sufficient.


In the main parish we have daily mass in the parish church. In the substations we offer masses on Sundays. The attendance of the faithful is satisfactory. There are also catechumens and adult baptisms are given at random. People are happy with our presence here and also happy to have an English Medium school and an orphanage.Twenty children from the orphanage are freely educated in English Medium . Service is done to the poor with concessions and scholarships. Catechism is taken for the inmates and the parish children. We are also helping the poor women running a tailoring centre in one of the substations.

A Short Brief About Garla Pastoral & Innovative Ministry

The parish of Garla was bifurcated from the parish of Dornakal in the year 1988 soon after the eructation of the diocese of Khammam from the Diocese of Warangal. In the beginning there was a diocesan priest as the parish priest from 1988 to 1993. In the year 1994 it was entrusted to MSFS congregation. From 31st October 1993 Rev.Fr. Mathew Mundamattam was its first MSFS priest. In the beginning this centre was maintained by the diocese of Khammam with its priests. There are 220 Catholic families and 12 sub stations: Garla, Ponnekal, Buddharam, Pinreddygudem, Nagaram, Kothapocharam (new) PaathaPocharam (old), Bayyaram, Ramagundala, Irusulapuram, Chinthonigumpu (new), Seripuram. This mission also attached with balabhavan orphanage for tribal children. There are 40 boarders many of them are orphans. Frs. P. Chinnappa Reddy, Julian, Kavungal Joseph, A. Manoharan etc. had served in the mission and now Fr. Sebastian Reddy is the parish priest. Fr. Noble is the warden of the hostel.

Some Details About The Centre

  • Apostolates at the Centre - Parish Ministry and Innovative Ministry
  • Other Apostolates at the Centre - Social Service and Orphanage
  • Number of confreres at present - Two Priests
  • People benefitting from it are mostly - Labourers & backward sections
  • Infrastructure - Insufficient
  • Financial Status - Dependant
  • Religious Congregations nearby - Missionary Sisters of Mary Immaculate (MSMI) (On Contract between FCC and MSFS Provincials)
  • Suggestions and Comments for its Future - Building for tailoring and computer coaching and computers. Confreres with MSW studies are needed to work here. Orphanage needs lot of improvement with basic facilities. There is need for compound walls in the substations and for the presbytery. Computer and spoken English classes could be introduced.