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A Fransalian is a man called to be a missionary with a vision. An explorer of the unknown. A builder of communities, A sower of God’s words, An enlightened guide to his students, A formator of technicians... in fine, a joyful herald of God’s Reign on earth in the spirit of St. Francis de Sale.
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A true vocation is nothing other than the firm and constant will possessed by the person called, to want to serve God in the manner and in the place where the Divine Majesty calls him. This is the best mark one could have to know when a vocation is true.

How do I know if I am called?

To know whether God wants us to be a religious, we must not wait for the Divine Majesty to speak to us in some sensible way or that he send from heaven some Angel to point out his will for us. Even less so is there any need to have some private revelations about it. There is no need to have ten or twelve theologians from the Sorbonne ponder whether this is a true inspiration or not or whether it must be carried out. However, we must cultivate and correspond with the first impulse. Then we must not be troubled if any distaste or coldness comes after that. For, if we always try to keep our will very firm in wanting to discover the good that has been shown to us, God will not fail to make all redound to his glory.

When they experience the first impulse a bit strongly, nothing appears difficult for them; it seems that they can overcome every difficulty. But when they experience ups and downs and when these feelings are no longer felt in the lower part of their nature, it seems to them that all is lost and that all should be left behind. For they want to enter at one time and they don't want to at another. What they are experiencing, then, is not enough to make them leave the world.

Those candidates who like to join the MSFS congregation and work for the spread of the gospel and live the spirituality of St. Francis de Sales are requested to contact the vocation promoter.

Vocation Promoter

Fr. Regeti Anil Kumar MSFS
Salesianum Novitiate
Chinna Waltair, Visakhapatnam
Andhra Pradesh 530017 India
+91-08813-221341, 91-9100705846