Mellavagu - Reddipalem Parish Ministry - MSFS Visakhapatnam

Diocese of Guntur
st francis de sales catholic church at mellavagu near guntur
Locked Steel Gate


“Go to the whole world and proclaim the goodness”: we do our mission by celebrating and administering the sacraments in order to lead the people to spiritual awareness and charismatic renewal programmes by family apostolate. We do extend our help for tribals and backward people by educating them and socially involving in their lives to make them better.


To evangelize the people who are in remote areas and economically backward by Charismatic renewal programmes and conventions. To strengthen and motivate people to be rooted in Christian faith and morals. To empower women, youth and children by providing basic education, selfemployment schemes, medical dispensary and social awareness programmes.

A Short Brief About Mellavagu - Reddipalem Parish Ministry

Mellavagu Mission, was started in the year 1912 by Rev. Fr. Jacob FirminMilHill. In 1989 Rev. Fr. Jose Cheriyath was appointed as its first MSFS priest. Reddiaplem is a remote village in Palanadu area, located between Vinukonda and karampudi. It is about 8 km from Karampudi. It was under madras diocese. When Guntur diocese was formed it came under Guntur diocese. In this village of Mellavagu - Reddy Palem 97% people are Catholics. The people are basically depending on agriculture and forest products. Once upon a time very few children were sent to school, but today they have realized importance of education. It is about 50% of children are being educated and some of them are working in the cement factory. The other people are formers and coolis.

This mission also is attached with boarding for tribal children. There are 100 boarders. We have primary school in which there are 177 students. There are 2500 Catholics, 220 catholic families. There are 4 Sub stations under this parish, Namely: 1. Mellavague 2. Garikapadu 3. Jayanthipuram 4. Hanumapuram. Rev. Frs. Peter Chackulickal, Kondala Joseph, MendemBhaskar, N. BalaJoji, Ignatius etc. worked in this mission. Now Fr. Dhanraj and SavariRajan are rendering their services in the mission.

Some Details About The Centre

  • Apostolates at the Centre - Parish Ministry
  • Other Apostolates at the Centre - Boarding for Boys & Girls and Primary School
  • Number of confreres at present - Two Priests
  • People benefitting from it are mostly - 80% are farmers and middle class.
  • Infrastructure - Sufficient at present but to be improved for the future need
  • Financial Status - Self-sufficient (Cultivable land is available)
  • Religious Congregations nearby - St. Anne’s of Bangalore (Collaboration)
  • Suggestions and Comments for its Future - English Medium High school. Some Religious Congregation of Sisters could be invited to introduce medical services and family apostolate in the mission. Boarding needs to be supported either by the Diocese or/ and the Province.