Members - MSFS Visakhapatnam

Members who have active and passive vote
Rev. Fr. Pentareddy Chinnappa Reddy msfs

Rev. Fr. Pentareddy Chinnappa Reddy

Fr Edacherrypauvath Joseph msfs

Edacherrypauvath Joseph

Fr Thomas Anikala Msfs

Anikala Thomas

Fr Manalil Thomas Msfs

Manalil Thomas

Pulickal Joseph msfs

Pulickal Joseph

Alapatt Mathew msfs

Alapatt Mathew

Fr Souriamkuzhy Philip msfs

Souriamkuzhy Philip

Fr Bernard Caszo Msfs

Caszo Bernard

Cheriankalayil Kurian msfs

Cheriankalayil Kurian

Fr Karachira Joseph msfs

Karachira Joseph

Fr Reddy Joseph msfs

Reddy Joseph

Fr Philip Parackal msfs

Parackal Philip

Fr Mani Panthanalany MSFS

Panthalany Mani

Fr Vempala Mathew msfs

Vempala Mathew

Vichattu Joseph msfs

Vichattu Joseph

Kalapurackal Mathew msfs

Kalapurackal Mathew

Fr Olickal Augustine msfs

Olickal Augustine

Kottam George msfs

Kottam George

Fr Perumalil Thomas msfs

Perumalil Thomas

Fr Chirayath Jose MSFS

Chirayath Jose