Fr Putti Manohar Msfs

Putti Manohar

Fr Bala Murali Msfs

Bala Murali

Fr boilla ravi msfs

Boilla Ravi

Fr boilla vijay kumar msfs

Boilla Vijay Kumar

Fr boilla vijay kumar msfs

Chatragadda Rajesh

Fr kandi vijay kiran msfs

Kandi Vijay Kiran

Fr phzhayapurackal tom jose msfs

Phzhayapurackal Tom Jose

fr swarna anil kumar msfs

Swarna Anil Kumar

fr thalakala ratna kumar msfs

Thalakala Ratna Kumar

fr thondickal praveen mathew msfs

Thondickal Praveen Mathew

fr johnson panthalanickal msfs

Johnson Panthalanickal

fr joannes penumaka msfs

Joannes Penumaka

p joseph msfs

P. Joseph

putti anil msfs

Putti Anil

solomon raj msfs

Solomon Raj

David Bhanu msfs

David Bhanu

Katta Ajay msfs

Katta Ajay

Mariadas msfs


Pakki Dilip msfs

Pakki Dilip

Arogya Rakesh Reddy msfs

Arogya Rakesh Reddy

G Bala Manoj msfs

G Bala Manoj

G Thambi msfs

G Thambi

Konka Sekhar msfs

Konka Sekhar

N Sampath Kumar msfs

N Sampath Kumar

d bala ranjith reddy msfs

D. Bala Ranjith Reddy

Brothers - MSFS Visakhapatnam

Members who have active and passive vote
Chalapat Michael msfs

Chalapat Michael

Malapuram Thomas msfs

Malapuram Thomas

Br. Edakarot Thomas msfs

Edakarot Thomas

Br Ettackakunnel George msfs

Ettackakunnel George

Kanjirathingal Sebastian msfs

Kanjirathingal Sebastian

Deacons - MSFS Visakhapatnam

Members who have active and passive vote
m manoj msfs

M Manoj

kumar rao msfs

Kumar Rao

p thambi msfs

P Thambi

bala naveen msfs

Bala Naveen

manohar msfs


bathina raj msfs

Bathina Raj

sateesh msfs


pradeep msfs


g kiran msfs

G. Kiran