MSFS Generalate

Miasionarfari di S. Francesco di Sales, Via delle Testuggini, 21, 00143 Roma, ITALIA.
MSFS Generalate

In response to the irrepressible divine inspiration "I want Missions", Fr. Mermier, already, in 1837, even before the civil and canonical foundation of the MSFS Congregation, was offered "La Feuillette" as residence for the future missionaries. It was to become the "Mother House" of the MSFS where they lived "in community", where they shared and imbibed the spirit and spirituality of St. Francis de Sales, and, prepared for, and, set out to animate Parish Missions.

La Feuillette also served as "Formation House" for new recruits : postulants, novices and scholastics. This was possible only till 1903, when the anti-clerical French government expelled religious congregations from Savoy and confiscated all their assets. When religious tolerance was restored, the Superior General took 1 up residence at "Proupeine", overlooking the lake of Annecy, near the Basilica of the Visitation.

In July, 2002, the Superior General took up residence in Rome, at Via del . Mascherino 46, and the Generalate was shifted from Annecy.

On 3rd July 2006, the Generalate House was purchased at Via delle Testuggini 21, situated on the outskirts of Rome. The Generalate community started residing there from 5th July 2006 .