Nizamabad Education Ministry

Archdiocese of Hyderabad
sfs school nizamabad telangana which belongs to msfs


Imbued with the ideals and strengthened with the fundamental academic concepts, we prepare our students not noly to face the Board examination, but also give them confidence to face other competitive examination as well as the challenges of life and thus to realize the motto of our school: Set in to Learn and Go out to Serve.


We are engaged in the education apostolate wants to cater the best education to poor and marginalized and impart value education. We help people to find the meaning of life and to discover a message of hope in the midst of cynicism and to give a vision of a brighter world where all can life in peace and harmony.

A Short Brief About Nizamabad Education Ministry

SFS School is an unaided recognized Institution, offering liberal education in English Medium. The school was started in 1973. Originally Nirmala Hrudaya Convent school, run by the Catechist Sisters of St. Anne, at Nizamabad, had a boy’s Section, but run by the Parish of Nizamabad. It was called Nirmala Hrudaya Boy’s Convent school. The then Parish Priest, acquired about 10acres of land at Janakampet, 10km away from Nizamabad and started the Boy’s section there.

This school was offered to the MSFS by the Archdiocese of Hyderabad in 1972. Fr. Devasia Kuzhuppil took up the responsibility of the school. There were only 6th, 7th and 8th classes. In September 1972, Fr, Joseph Parappally was appointed as the Parish Priest at Nizamabad and In-charge of the School. In 1973 Fr. Abraham Mullenkuzhy became the Head Master. Due to some practical problems regarding the conveyance both for the students and teachers, in 1976 six acres of land was purchased at Subashnagar in Nizamabad town itself. Bro. Thomas Mallapuram started the construction of the school building and the residence for the community. The ground floor of the school building and residence were completed in 1979. The school was shifted to the new building at Subashnagar, Nizamabad, and was renamed as SFS Boys High School. In 1981, Fr. Joseph Thayil became the Principal and the Correspondent. During his tenure, the building for the primary section and a concrete basketball court were completed. Sisters of the Missionaries of Mary Mediatrix came to serve in the school in 1995. Frs. Mathew Mannukuzhumpil, George Alapatt, Simon Paicatt, Gorantla Joachim etc. worked for the development of the school. Bro. Thomas Edakarot has been in the school for long time assisting the management. At present, Fr. Mallela Joji is the Principal.

Janakampet: The NirmalaBhavan is an Old age Home at Janakampet (Nizamabad) run by the Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales. It is attached to the SFS School Community at Nizamabad. This Home was established by Rev. Fr. Philip Parackal in 1981with the support of Dr. Vorage and was entrusted to the care of Sisters of Society of Nirmala Dasis after a formal agreement. Fr. Devasia Ayilukunnel is the Priest in-charge.

Some Details About The Centre

  • Apostolates at the Centre - Education Ministry
  • Other apostolate - Social Service to the old and the differently abled
  • Number of confreres at present - Three Priests and a senior Brother
  • People benefitting from it are mostly - Middle and lower class, poor people
  • Infrastructure - Sufficient
  • Financial Status - Self-sufficient (School) but Nirmal Bhavan is dependant on the Province
  • Religious Congregation nearby - Mary Mediatrix at the School, Society of Nirmaladasi Sisters at Janakampet
  • Suggestions and Comments for its Future - Need to find sponsors for the Nirmal Bhavan.