Nunna Parish Ministry

Diocese of Vijayawada
sacred heart catholic church located in nunna vijayawada


We, the Fransalian at Nunna Mission Centre, work togother for the spiritual growth of the Centre through the administration of Sacraments, Temporal Goods in collaboration with the lay faithful, other religious in the centre, Fransalians in the neighbourhood, Ecclesiastical authorities of the diocese, and thus make selfless efforts to realize the supreme law and mission of the Church, i.e., Salvation of Souls (salusanimarum).


The Mission Centre is located in 3 ½ acres of land at Nunna. About 2 ½ acres of land is still to be made productive. We need to make the best use of this unused land at least now. First of all, a small quarters need to be put up (Cook’s room, Store room and Car shed). Secondly, we need to remove the old building. Thirdly, a boundary / compound wall has to be constructed. Only after this preliminary work, we could consider the following ministries in the campus for the development of the centre:

A Short Brief About Nunna Parish Ministry

MSFS started its services in Vijayawada on 16th January 1979 with the arrival of Fr. Joseph Karachira in Nunna. Nunna village was on the out skirts of Vijayawada town. Both Bishop Joseph Thumma and Provincial, Very Rev. Fr. Thomas Anikala agreed to take over the Nunna parish.The immediate priority of Fr.JosephKarachira was to bring the trouble stricken and dormant village to bring to life, in this he succeeded to great extent. A parish boarding was started in Nunna with 14 children from the village, for their primary education.

The M.C brothers arrived in March 1979 and started functioning from three cubicles in the Hrudayanagar colony, under the able guidance of Br. Varhgese Pathiyamoola. In 1978 Nunna was entrusted to the mission of St. Francis de sales by the bishop of Vijayawada on a Temporary basis. But in 1988 he gave it permanently to the MSFS.There was an orphanage for village boys which are still kept for the sake of poor boys. Nunna Parish has population of 3000 Catholics, 500 catholic families and 7sub stations. They are:Chennupalliwarigudem, Kanasanapalli, Nekkalammalapalli, Bodapadu, Surampalli, Nekkalammariapuram, Nekkalamgollagudem). A new Presbytery was built in 2014 when Fr. Jojaiah was the Parish Priest. At present Fr. Dola Vengani Rao is the Parish Priest.

Some Details About The Centre

  • Apostolates at the Centre - Parish Ministry
  • Number of confreres at present - Two Priests
  • People benefitting from it are mostly - Middle class and lower middle class.
  • Infrastructure - Sufficient – Presbytery is good but a new Church should be built
  • Financial Status - Dependent
  • Religious Congregations nearby - St. Anne’s of Luzern, Missionaries of Charity
  • Suggestions and Comments for its Future - A Primary School / Nursary - LKG – UKG sections. Any Innovative Ministry, like - Social Work, I.T.I. A compound wall has to be constructed. A new Church for Nunna Parish is the need of the hour. Some sub- station Chapels also need to be built.