Provincial Curia - MSFS Visakhapatnam

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Provincial Superior

fr pentareddy chinnappa reddy msfs

Rev. Fr. Pentareddy Chinnappa Reddy

Provincial Superior

Members of the Curia

fr sesetti mariadas msfs

Fr. Sesetti Mariadas

PCIC – Innovative
fr dola velangani rao msfs

Fr. Dola Velangani Rao

PCIC – Mission
fr pathupallil manoj msfs

Fr. Pathupallil Manoj

PCIC - Formation
fr g sundeep reddy msfs

Fr. G. Sandeep Reddy

PCIC - Education
fr anil bosco msfs

Fr. B.Anil Bosco

Provincial Bursar  

Provincial Secretary

fr arul justin diraviam msfs

Fr. Arul Justin Diraviam

Provincial Secretary