By identifying ourselves with Christ, the chaste, the poor, and the obedient, we become totally open to all that is divine, human and cosmic.

MSFS Const. No. 16

Salcsian Spirituality may be represented by five dimesions that are super-imosed and may be viewed moving either outwards begining from the center, or inwards starting from the periphery.

The Centre is the TRINITARIAN COD of I.OVE (represented by (he Heart), who is the souree of CREATION (symbolized by the Globe circumscribing the Periphery, which ceaselessly tends towards GOD, pointing to 11 is presence and singing His praises.

between these two dimensions we find three realities represented by two overlapping figures of the human person SELF and NEIGHBOUR, who owe their existence to the creative power of the overflowing Trinitarian Love, who are called and sent, throw#i devotion, to enter into communion with Love.

The reality of SIN, result of the abuse of HUMAN LIBERTY made possible by the Permissive Will of God, could have conclusively compromised the Divine Design, had not Divine Mercy responded to Human Miseiy through the INCARNATION and REDEMPTION.

The presence of Trinitarian Live is now invested in the CHURCH OF CHRIST that is for us the Sacrament of God; the Church through Word and Action serves as the Dispenser and Channel of Divine Inspiration and Love. The Church is represented as a Tent that shelters all who are called; a tent pitched in the center of the globe : a witness and invitation for all creation to share in the Love of God being showered on one and all.