Salesianum - MSFS Visakhapatnam

In 1847, Rev. Fr. Tissot acquired a small house near the beach and started the institution. This was the first Catholic School in Vizag.
MSFS novitiate chinna waltair visakhapatnam province
msfs salesianum chinna waltair visakhapatnam province
missionaries of st francis de sales novitiate visakhapatnam province
Msfs novitiate visakhapatnam


We strive to deepen our faith by means of prayer, faith sharing and reflection of the word of God by frequenting the sacraments. We seek for means to discern and respond to God’s call for us and strive to fulfill this unique plan of redemption in our personal life, in the community and with others outside the community as consecrated people. Being collaborators with Christ by praying for others, living the gospel values and strengthening the prayer life of the people. Participating in the pastoral activities of the community /parish.


We, the novitiate community desire to be men of deep faith and prayer so as to witness joyfully to God’s paln of redemption for mankind and to be collaborators with Christ in translating this mission of God’s redemptive plan to humanity by means of our consecrated life.

A Short Brief About Salesianum

In 1950 the novitiate was shifted from St. Anne’s Cathedral, Visakhapatnam to Rachur in Goa. After ten years in December 1959 it came back again to Visakhapatnam. But this time the venue of the novitiate was changed from St. Anne’s Cathedral to ChinnaWaltair. Rev. Fr. K.E. Zacharias, the then Regional Superior, bought an old house and one acre of land known as Shoutie House at ChinnaWaltair. After the establishment of the novitiate at Salesianum, the novices under the able guidance of the then Master of Novices Rev. Fr. Alphonse Menthon, toiled very hard in order to develop the place.

Rev. Fr. Thomas Perumalil had been the novice master for nearly 15 years from 15th September 1979 – 1996 except for the period of 1986 - 1989. Till 1981 there was only one novitiate for the M.S.F.S. but partly due to increase in the number of the candidates and partly because of the introduction of the pre-novitiate and postnovitiate programme in addition to the novitiate programme, the Maharashtra-Goa Province had started their own novitiate. From the year 1982, Pre-novitiate programme was introduced and was conducted at Philipnagar. So after six months of the Pre-novitiate, the novitiate used to begin from the month of December.

In 1987-88 a two-storied building was constructed on the western side of the adjacent to the existing building and was inaugurated by the then Provincial of Visakhapatnam Very Rev. Fr. MidathadaMariadas. In 1988 a spacious chapel was built over the existing study hall and the old chapel was made as library. This important task was executed by Bro. Jacob Vattachira. In 1996 Fr. Thomas Perumalil was replaced by his Socius Rev. Fr. Thomas Pullatt. In 2002 he was transferred and Rev. Fr. Joseph Vichatt was appointed as novice master. From 2008 to 2014 Fr. Baviri Suresh Babu was the Novice Master and celebrated the Golden Jubilee of the Novitiate in January 2010. At present, Fr. Kondala Joseph is the Director of the Novices and Fr. Bonela Prasad is the Socius.

Some Details About The Centre

  • Apostolates at the Centre - Formation to Priesthood
  • Number of confreres at present - Three (Three Priests) Two Provinces namely Visakhapatnam and South East India are benefitting from this Novitiate
  • Infrastructure - sufficient at present but since it needs to be improved
  • Financial Status - Dependant on the Province for its day to day expenses
  • Remarks - Since the Novitiate is situated in the City limits and is largely surrounded by apartments, it lacks privacy and serene atmosphere
  • Suggestions and comments for its future - Suitable Confreres should be prepared for the formation ministry by sending them for some useful courses on Formation and Spirituality