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As pastors we are committed to the mission of education as the main charism of the centre. While following the method of enlightenment shown by Jesus Christ, we would like to foresee the possibilities of further expansion and equivalent quality side by side and carry out the pastoral duties variously.


We strive to impart quality education and live an exemplary life to inspire, in-still and share Fransalian spirit and culture to the staff, students, parents, etc. To show Jesus values of care and concern, compassion and forgiveness, love and solidarity, etc. To promote and respect fundamental duties and responsibilities.

A Short Brief About SFS School

On constructing the outer-harbour and the automatic iron ore loading system, at Visakhapatnam it was rumoured that St. Aloysius school area would become uninhabitable and that there would be the need to shift the school from there. Consequently, the provincial, Fr. DevasiaKuzhupil undertook a search for a convenient place for shifting the school in case of such an eventuality. It is in this way that the present site of the S.F.S. School was located. At that time Seethammadhara area was not developed at all, and this place was marked for a school. The then Chairman of Town planning Trust, Mr. Venkatareddy offered it to us for a concessional rate of Rs. 4 per Sq.Yard.

“Silpurupa” prepared the plan of the school and the building was constructed during the time of Fr. Zacharias Mannukuzhumbil as Provincial. Bro. Thomas Malapuram supervised the work. In 1974 the new school building was blessed, and classes were started there as a branch of St. Aloysius School. Then Fr. Zacharias bought some more land there. Soon it became an important centre of the growing city of Visakhapatnam, making great demand for admissions in the school there. So the centre wing was built during the time of Fr. Thomas Anikala as Provincial, who bought some more land for the school. This time Bro. Jacob Vattachira was the architect of the building. Fr. Joseph Pulickal as headmaster got the recognition from the State Government for S.S.C. For some time the school was also the headquarters of Fransalian Sevakendra. Fr. Simon Paicatt, Fr. George Alapatt and Fr. Mallela Joji etc. worked hard for the development of the school. At present Fr. P. Inna Reddy is the Principal of the school.

Some Details About The Centre

  • Apostolates at the Centre - Education
  • Number of confreres at present - Three Priests
  • People benefitting from the center - Rich, poor and middle class of all religious groups- Christians, Hindus and Muslims.
  • Infrastructure - Sufficient to the present needs of the institute but rooms are not sufficient for the new sections in future.
  • Financial Status - Self-sufficient and supports the Province in case of need Religious Congregations near by Nirmala Sisters (No Contracts)
  • Remarks - Start CBSE School in the present Primary School Section. In future one more confrere with B. Ed. could be appointed for the primary school supervision and if possible, leave the procurator free from other duties, especially teaching in order to facilitate the procurator to be totally occupied with the maintenance of the school and community regarding finance and activities.
  • Suggestions and comments for its future - Vocational Training like Computer classes, English Classes, Special coaching for the poor and weak children could be introduced from the next academic year. New Building for CBSC Syllabus. Classes begin in the academic year 2017-2018.