SFS Printing School - MSFS Visakhapatnam

In 1952 Bishop Joseph Band brought a printing press and gave it to the M.S.F.S. to be installed in the workshop. But for long time, it was not put to use due to lack of trained personnel and infrastructural facilities. Mr. Charmenet was the first one to start a printing press with an old machine at the premises of St. Aloysius School.
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A Short Brief About SFS Printing School

Fr. Charles George M.S.F.S. was entrusted the work to set up a press but he fell ill. So Rev. Fr. Devasia Kuzhupil asked Fr. Mathew Thudianplackal to do the needful and to put the machine into use. He installed it and it was called S.F.S. Press.

A special issue of “The Missionary” as souvenir of the Fourth Birth centenary of S.F.S. was the first book to be printed in the press”. Rev. Fr. Devasia bought a suitable land on Waltair main road in Vizag and constructed a new printing school, which was blessed on 1st May 1973 by Bishop Ignatius Gopu. A new printing machine was installed at the press. This machine was brought from Europe to India by Bro. Kuriakose Adukuzhy, who did his training in printing technology in Australia. A boarding house was built in 1976 for the poor boys and these are trained in printing, composery, binding etc. Rev. Frs. Thomas Kappukat, Cherian Karukaperampil, Anthony Antheenatt, Baby George, Xavier Michael, B. Anil Kumar etc. worked tirelessly for the growth of the institute.

The present manager Fr. Mendem Bhaskar is working for the development of the Institution where 14 technical and nontechnical staff and 25 trainees are there.

Some Details About The Centre

  • Apostolates at the Centre - Innovative Ministry Printing & Training in Flex, DTP, Binding, Printing, Lamination
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  • Other Apostolates at the Centre - Assisting in Pastoral activities
  • Number of confreres at present - Two Priests
  • People benefitting from the center - Priests, Religious Sisters and Institutions and People of all religious groups and by way of training and employment the physically and mentally challenged and the poor people
  • Infrastructure - Insufficient at present and needs to be improved for the future needs.
  • Financial Status - Self-sufficient and also concentrating on increasing new orders
  • Remarks - One more confrere with knowledge about printing is required at the centre. Machinery is outdated. Residence is to be repaired and renovated.
  • Suggestions and comments for its future - Printing School needs to be modernized to meet the present and future demand. Xerox Centre, Flex printing, Note books making etc. could be introduced.