St Aloysius NFT - MSFS Visakhapatnam

St. Aloysius Non-formal Technical Training School
most famous automobile cars workshop at visakhapatnam run by msfs fathers
st aloysius workshop staff

A Short Brief About St. Aloysius NFT School

The first bishop of Visakhapatgnam Rev. Bishop Tissot had a great desire to open a Technical School for the poor and destitute boys. Unfortunately he died suddenly on 27-09-1890. Though he was unable to materialize his dream his Vicar General Mgr. Jean Marie Clerc (1847-1926) established “Bishop Tissot Memorial Industrial School” inDecember,1890. There were twelve boys in the first batch. Bro. Guerin Van Haelften (1890-1894) was the person in-charge of the Industrial School. This was the origin of the present St. Alysius’ Workshop and Industrial School. Sri NarayanaGajapati, the then Rajah of Vizianagaram Kingdom, a great friend of Visakhapatnam Mission, provided a convenient place at the foot of the Ross Hill, for erecting the needed infrastructure for the Workshop and for the Industrial School. Benefactors and Well-Wishers contributed generously for this noble educational mission.

Fr. EugineAllioud (1894-1895) was the incharge of the worshop in the initial stages. Later Bishop Clere got the services of an expert –Engineer, Brother Emile Maillard to the workshop. He had indepth knowledge in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering according to the standards of the time. In 1906, Fr. Contact, the Princiapl of St. Aloysius High School acquired a piece of land from the Muncipality which was adjacent to the School building. It was on this plot of land a strong building was constructed for the Industrial School. Later Bishop Clerc sent Bro. Emile to Europe to obtain the needed machines and tools. He came back in the following year with variety of equipments and installed them in the new building. Gradually the reputation of the Industrial School spread far and wide. The Madras Government recognized it officially in 1911. Later Fr. Curzillat took charge of the Industrial School. In 1939 as electricity came to Vizag in 1939 an electric welding plant was purchased for the workshop.

As a Centenary memorial of Lourdu Apparitions, a boarding for catholic boys from mission stations, was opened in St. Anne’s Cathedral compound in 1954. It was a great blessing for the poor boys and on account of this boarding many catholic young men from villages are now well-placed in different Industrial Establishments of the State.

When Fr. K. E. Zacharias became the Regional Superior he accepted many candidates for brotherhood. They stayed with him in St. Anne’s Cathedral and attended the classes in Workshop for the Technical Training. Some of them acquired through Technical Formation in different trades. Among them Bro. Michael Olickal got himself specialized in Motor Mechanism and Bro. Jose Chirackal (late) in Electricity and Bro. Antony Nedungatt became the Principal of the Industrial School.From then on many Fathers and brothers worked for the development of the Industrial School. However, we must recall gratefully the services of Fr. P. D. Varkey, Fr. Babu Raj, Fr. AnandPrakash, and especially Bro. Olickal Michael and Bro. Sebastian for the Institute for their long-standing services.

Some Details About The Centre

  • Apostolates at the Centre - Non-Formal Industrial Training and Auto-mobile workshop
  • Number of confreres at present - Two (Brothers)
  • People benefitting from it are mostly - Poor people who are school dropout children
  • Infrastructure - is good at present but needs to be updated for the future of the institute
  • Financial Status -Self-sufficient and even contributes to the Province annually
  • Remarks - There is need to train more people in this line and continue the service
  • Religious Congregations nearby - St. Joseph’s of Annecy and Bridgitine Sisters
  • Suggestions - As the future of the Institute is uncertain due to the expansion of plans of the Port, it is proposed to start shift or merge with the ITI, Autonagar. Modernize the workshopto the present needs and situation. Send two or three Confreres for Technical studies and prepare them for this Institute.