Tanuku Mission - MSFS Visakhapatnam

Diocese of Eluru
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More catechism is required, re-evangelization should be done. Family apostolate is encouraged. Children, youth and women are need to be focused for the failed mission in the area.


Pastoral and education care is given to the people of God and the word of God is given sufficiently for the spiritual strengths of the people.

A Short Brief About Tanuku Mission

When the diocese of Eluru was created in 1977 and Mgr. M. John became its first bishop. He invited the MSFS to work in his diocese. The congregation asked for a parish in perpetuum, BishopJohn entrusted the parish of Tanuku to the MSFS. Fr. Jacob Medayil, a diocesan priest was the founder of Tanuku mission. He had built the church and presbytery and had invited the Nirmala Sisters to the parish, to helpin the parish and to maintain some social activities. Now they are running English medium Nursery school and a technical school for girls.

The first MSFS Priest appointed in Tanuku was Fr. Mathew Chavelly in the year1978. As a new priest he was sent there as an assistant to Fr. Jacob Medayil. Later, a team of the MSFS was sent to Tanuku mission thus catholic faith increased and multiplied, and they began to concentrate on Penugonda Mission too. But later it was given up to diocese. Tanuku Parish has population of 3725 catholic s and 21 sub stations They are: Undrahavaram, Mortha, Chilakapadu, Savaram, Teeparru, Velpuru, Mandapaka, Gopalapuram, Pasalapudi, Arjunapalem, Mukamala, Duvva, Vaddluru, Illenraparu, Satyawada, Ajjaram, Chilakapadu, Suryaravupalem, Paidiparru, Kakaraparru and Konadyapalem.

In 1983 SFS English medium school was started from class VI. For many years Tanuku was the practical field for the post-novices for their missionary initiation. For one year a few students, of the minor seminary, were kept at Tanuku before starting the Nidadavole minor seminary. SFS School at Tanuku became full pledged and now its strength is 950 students teaching staff 30.Along with Pastoral and education, it also has Eye center sponsored by Helens Ehret and Tailoring center for girls sponsored by Helens Ehret.These programmes are organized by Fr. Anand Prakash. While Fr. Simon Paicatt, Fr. Mani Malana, Fr. Dhaman Kumar, Fr. P.J. Mathew, Fr, Mathew Mannukuzhumpil etc. worked hard for the development of the school, Fr. Joseph Vichatt, Fr. Abraham Chirayil, Fr. Anikala Thomas, Fr. Mariadas Reddy, Fr. Kondala Joseph, Fr. N. Bala Joji, Fr. Dhaman Kumar etc. toiled tirelessly for the spread of the mission. At present, Fr. Julian is the Parish Priest and Fr. Ch. Vijay Kumar is the Principal of the School.

Some Details About The Centre

  • Apostolates at the Centre - Parish Ministry and Education
  • Other Apostolates - Boarding, Free eye Camp, Tailoring, Pension for Old etc.
  • Number of confreres at present - Four Priests and Bro. Regent
  • People benefitting from it are mostly - lower middle class and middle class of all religious groups in the School. And in the Parish, mostly poor, lower middle class and middle class.
  • Infrastructure - Sufficient to the present needs but needs to be improved especially in the Parish
  • Financial Status - Self-sufficient
  • Religious Congregations nearby - MSI (Nirmala Sisters)
  • Suggestions and Comments for its Future - Church roof needs to be renovated. Presbytery also needs to be renovated. Construction of and repairs to the Chapels in substations.